About Us

Kogent connects Buyers and Sellers in Digital Commerce through an intelligent and personalized platform.

Choosing the right Vendor Partners is hard for Brands.
The available data is incomplete and overwhelming.
Making the right decision is currently manual, expensive and time consuming.

Breaking through to the right Brands is hard for Vendors.
It’s expensive and time consuming to cut through the noise and bias.

No single place exists that quickly matches Brands with right the Vendors.

The Kogent Decision Engine will power an Intelligence Platform (B2B SaaS) and a Suite of Apps that help Buyers quickly connect with the right Sellers through personalized recommendations, content, and insights.

Co-founded by Sharon Gee, Marko Bon, Joe Tatarski, and Olivia Yuan, the Kogent Platform is informed by 100,000+ hours of experience with enterprise retail challenges and solutions.

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